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Full Version: A Teacher's Catharsis
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I am a robot. I have a robot vagina.

Is that something you can do online? I've used the voice thangies before, but if animation came with it, I could do extremely bad things with it.
Or pretty much at least entertain myself with it.
If you know Flash, it's easy to sync the animation to the recording, and all you need for the recording is a script, a text reader, and an inline recorder.

This one is pretty vicious, lol

Yeah, I figured it was 16 and Pregnant. There really are girls who try to get knocked up so they can be on a reality show. The more dysfunctional you are, the better the ratings. Honey Boo Boo is a perfect example. I've never watched the show because looking at the mother hurts my eyes. In NJ, what she does to her child is abuse. The state would get involved and the mother would be given parenting lessons.

"Teacher's Catharsis" hit home with me because I originally went to college to be a teacher and that's why I left teaching while I was still a student teacher. And that's why I laughed until I cried because it is SO f'ing true. I was barely older than the students (I kept getting stopped for not having a hall pass) and stopped and wondered "Do I want to be doing this five years from now? Ten years from now?" I can't imagine what it would be like now with all the texting, tweeting, facebooking, etc. We didn't have those things back then.
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