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Full Version: Alan Moore Digs The Show
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ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY: Which comedies do you like watching?
ALAN MOORE: Well, over here, at the moment, we've had some very good ones. There's The Mighty Boosh, which is [Laughs] idiotically wonderful, childish, surreal, fantasy. There's also a show called Snuffbox, and it's one of the darkest, funniest comedies I've seen in ages. And I'm a very big fan of South Park.

Have you seen the ''Trapped in the Closet'' episode?
[Sings] ''I'm trapped in the closet!'' Yeah, that was terrific. I thought the way that South Park handled that bit with the Scientologists was wonderful. I was also quite heartened the other day when watching the news to see that there were demonstrations outside the Scientology headquarters over here, and that they suddenly flashed to a clip showing all these demonstrators wearing V for Vendetta [Guy Fawkes] masks. That pleased me. That gave me a warm little glow.

Source: EW, courtesy of Dark Horizons
He should know that South Park isn't connected to the demonstrations against Scientology - the demonstrations started with 4chan's Anonymous members.
Alan Moore wasn't making a connection with the demos and SP. He said 'I was also quite heartened to see...', etc; his point just ran on from the question about the SP Scientology episode. Tho' he did want to get in the bit about the Vendetta mask being used at the demo which is cool.

BTW The Mighty Boosh is ridiculously weird and wonderful.
I was like, who the fuck is Allan Moore? Even though I'm a huge comics fan, I don't think he's a household name.

lol, glad he digs the show, though, Flo.

EDIT: missed that mini-me link. wink.gif
Jaysus dude even I know a leeetle bit about Alan Moore. He's a 'reknowned' type of reclusive guy who's written many big comic stories some of which have made it to the big screen. He rarely does any appearances at comic events. He's also well known for being what they call in journalistic type profiles as 'spikey', ie not PR orientated. I believe it's quite unusual for him to any interview never mind with EW.

And this is what he looks like ...

He obviously really doesn't give a shite about 'image' or such crap. And apparently, he is kinda 'strange' if that's the right word.

'Course, when I see any (two syllable) first name coupled with the surname 'Moore' this is what I think of...

Haha, by far my favorite Monty Python sketch. I'm a huge Python fan if you couldn't already tell by my name.

Alan Moore, to me, is what you would get if you took a pegasus, a couple unicorns, and a million dollars and put them all in a blender. He's that fucking awesome. And the fact that he's a South Park fan only makes me idolize him that much more.
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