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US Blues

Posted on October 8th, 2008 in Jason's Journal by Jason McHugh

Red and white/blue suede shoes

I’m Uncle Sam /how do you do?

Gimme five/I’m still alive

Ain’t no luck/I learned to duck

It has been an adventurous summer 2008.  Cannibal: The Musical has been blazing trails all over the map and I have been lucky to get to a few of the shows! Speaking of Trail Blazers – Ira Kortum had a very successful run of Cannibal Shows in Portland, Oregon! I missed that one, but I did have a great time with Frantic Fran’s Theater in Long Island, New York. Many thanks to Fran and the cast and crew out there for putting on a good show and buying me drinks! Then it was off to London and Scotland for The Rival Theater’s Cannibal Production for the mighty Edinburgh Fringe Festival. It was quite an adventure working as a hands on Executive Producer for this show and traveling with the cast and crew to Scotland. Edinburgh was amazing and the Fringe Festival was off the hook with 2000 various shows of all shapes and sizes playing somewhere in town during the month of August. I discovered that there is a musical for you no matter who you are or what you might be into! The Fringe hosted everything from Soccer Mom: The Musical to The Plague: The Musical.  After all those musicals and comedy shows, I was psyched to sneak off to Premiere League friendly soccer match between The Hibernians and Middlesbrough.  Soccer or Football in the UK is great to watch not only for the amazing players, but for the amazing fans and their freestyle songs and chants. We had seven Middlesbrough Fans who were louder than the entire stadium and sang about every subject they could possibly come up with to rattle those poor Hibernians! Who knows maybe I will get a second chance for another game when I am back in London in October for the UK premiere of Electric Apricot: Quest For Festeroo at the Raindance Film Festival! We will be screening on a very extra special Friday, October the 10th!

Congrats to Atlanta’s Dad’s Garage Theater who are celebrating their 10th Anniversary in action on stage! And they are also doing Cannibal: The Musical for the 2nd time – their first was back in ’98 – ten years ago! 

Speaking of 10th Anniversaries CRAPtv is celebrating its 10th Anniversary right now!!! And we are very pleased to be re-launching our site with Video! That’s right we have put the TV back into CRAPtv with our brand new Video Jockey Feature and new front page! Big Thanks To Keith Shininger and Paul Garter for making our 10th Anniversary Relaunch come to fruition! Much more to come… We celebrate our relaunch with a rewind of classic CRAP clips from years past! We have a couple slices of the infamous TIMMY! The Woodsman, two snips from Lollapalooza’s Mindfield and the mighty Sound of One Hand Clapping on the way! Look for brand new weekly thematic video picks right here at – we have lots in store!

In other news, I am fresh off the boat from yet another great year at Burning Man, my tenth, lots of tens in this chapter. This year we celebrated the American Dream theme, which perfectly set the tone for a return to reality where gas prices are still through the roof and the economy is in ye old CRAPPER! Don’t forget to register to VOTE, if you have not done so already!

Before Burning Man, I got the call from Boing Boing to do some Field Producing at the brand new music festival in San Francisco’s Golden Gate Park called Outside Lands! It was an epic three days of work! A bunch of the interviews we shot have recently posted on Boing Boing and are lots of fun – we will feature those next week! For me the highlights were getting to see Radiohead, Primus, Wilco and Toots and the Maytals! I missed a lot, but it was another one of those festivals where you can’t possibly see it all. They were also launching this new festival cell phone app called Crowd Fire, which seemed intriguing to this Festival Whore!

That’s all for this installment – I need to go catch a plane!



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